Risk notice

Trading in futures and options entails considerable opportunities and risks. Only those investors should participate in such trading programmes who are able to afford the losses they may incur. In addition to the risk of total loss with regard to futures contracts, there is also the risk that investors might be subject to an obligation of variation margins. The probability of an obligation to variation margins can be significantly lowered by spread trading, portfolio composition and automatic liquidation on the part of the brokers, but it is still impossible to fully exclude this risk.
The clients alone bear any and all trading risks.

Any money and position transfers (wire transfers) which the client independently performs by using the interbank account administration may lead to margin calls for existing positions and the liquidation of individual positions by the broker. For this reason, each and every money and position transfer (wire transfers) must be previously registered with SYSTRADE and be approved by them. SYSTRADE accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses which are caused by transfers not previously registered and approved; The client alone shall bear the risk of losses resulting from this.

Requests for wire transfers must be delivered in writing, either by e-mail to support@sysmatic.com or by letter to SYSTRADE AG, Landstrasse 63, 9490 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein