Trading system implementation

The traders of SYSTRADE AG place orders coming in from the trading systems on the relevant stock exchanges immediately after the trading signals have been generated. Based on order allocation, a single trading order is placed for all the trading accounts participating in the transaction; distribution of order execution is provided for.

Trading systems can be traded through our two brokerage partners, Interactive Brokers and GAIN Capital. If you intend to open an account, please send a query by using our contact form. We will then provide you with a link to open your account or deliver the relevant account documents by letter. Should you already have an account with Interactive Brokers and intend to use this for system trading purposes, this can be linked to our system. We will be happy to provide you with detailed instructions should you request this.

There is no minimum investment term; trading activities can be discontinued at any time. In consultation with the clients, any and all outstanding positions will be closed immediately after trading discontinuation or only upon receiving a trading signal.

The broker charges the amount of $12.75 per contract, plus applicable exchange fees, for trading system implementation. No management fees or shares in profits will be charged.